Buy Psyllium Seed Isabgol in your own brand - Supply Ninjas
Minimum Order Quantity : 5 Tonne
Available Bag Size : 1 KG TO 50 KG
Available Bag Type : Jute, Non Woven, PP, BOPP, Laminated Pouches
Faciliated By : SupplyNinjas

Product Code
  • SN-170
  • Product of INDIA

Psyllium Seed Isabgol

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seller flow

Joanna Shaffer
Joanna Shaffer
2021-07-12 15:29:31
91 of users found this review helpful

As a restaurateur living outside India, we import basmati rice, wheat and pulses. This was our first experience routing this periodical procurement of supplies through a marketplace. Our experience here has been outstanding. Products were of high quality and well categorised. The process took very little time and we were able to complete our transaction within 10 minutes. The process included shipment handling and customised packaging. Transparency with the shipment container spacing and goods packed was also a huge advantage. The thoroughly satisfactory experience with no hitches encountered has made me choose Supply Ninjas for importing Agri products from India.

Somnath Aggarwal
Somnath Aggarwal
2021-07-12 15:29:54
97 of users found this review helpful

I am an exporter of Basmati Rice and have had a lot of loss dealing with unknown buyers. Personally, the authenticity of a buyer is a huge risk we undertake during such transactions. I have encountered losses many times as dealing with an expensive cash crop results in market fluctuations that affect the overall pricing. This results many times in delayed payments. Autonomous credit risk evaluating bodies do not have a personal undertaking to help us out in such quandaries. It has been very smooth as a registered seller on The assurance of authentic importer connections and the clarity in expectations from us has given a major boost to my business. The continuous appraisal of terms and conditions helps us achieve quality standards to better our business reach.

Arthur Cole
Arthur Cole
2020-10-05 12:16:37
91 of users found this review helpful

We run a health food business and importing millets is a standard requirement. Many times we have faced pest issues in the packaged consignments, wrong kind of millets packaged in part and many quality issues. It was very easy doing business in a niche product through this marketplace as it was truly a one stop solution. It was very easy to track our shipment and customise our packaging requirements. We were able to receive high quality products without any delay.

Zaheer Ahmad
Zaheer Ahmad
2021-07-12 15:30:29
100 of users found this review helpful

Running a boutique Indian hotel overseas requires a quality restaurant. Major ingredients and supplies need to be indented in particular seasons and they need to reach us on time in the quality specified. With very little time and expertise in dealing with these commodities in an unknown country led us to find this agri-commodity genie called Supply Ninjas. We rest on the assurance that the background checks of our sellers are as thorough as ours. Likewise the easy listing of the products enabled us to make our purchases within such a short time. We were able to know the size of our shipment containers precisely. The ability to avail a credit period was such a win-win situation. Highly satisfactory experience on the whole.

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